summer camp
JUNE 2024
4133 Wilkie Way, Palo Alto, California, 94306

Summer Camp
June 2024

Welcome to an exciting cultural adventure camp! All in Spanish! 100% Outdoor Camps! As every year our Summer camps are 100% Outdoors! All camps are a sensory experience, designed for the age of the camper and to enhance and strengthen your child’s interest in the world of science, art and nature. The natural world is abundant with possibilities for children to explore, discover and investigate, and summertime is a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors!
100% Outdoor Camps!

 As every year our Summer camps are 100% Outdoors! We will have only 14 kids per campus with all COVID-19 required measurements.


June 3-7 is all about dinosaurs!

Children will embark on a prehistoric adventure filled with exciting dinosaur-themed games, crafts, and learning activities. They will explore the world of dinosaurs through interactive play, storytelling, and creative projects. Get ready for a week of roaring fun and discovery as we dive into the fascinating world of these ancient creatures!

June 10-14 ocean animals

Children will dive into the wonders of the marine world as they learn about different sea creatures through engaging games, crafts, and educational activities. They will have the opportunity to explore the diversity of ocean life and discover fascinating facts about creatures that call the sea their home. Get ready for an exciting week of exploring the depths of the ocean and discovering the beauty of its inhabitants!

June 17-21, transportation.

Children will embark on a journey exploring various modes of transportation, from cars and trains to planes and boats. Through hands-on activities, games, and crafts, they will learn about the different ways people and goods move from one place to another. Buckle up for a week filled with adventures in the world of transportation!

June 24-28,  “Under Construction.”

Children will have the opportunity to explore the world of construction and building through hands-on activities, creative projects, and games. They will learn about different construction vehicles, tools, and processes involved in creating structures. Get ready for a week of imaginative play, problem-solving, and teamwork as we dive into the exciting world of construction!

TEam Work

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